New Website

I am happy to announce the release of our brand new Sedacrivity company website.

Sedacrivity Home
Sedacrivity Home

The site is completely revamped to use the concept of Jamstack which results in a server-less, super fast rendered site that adheres to the Google Core Web Vitals standard for website page ranking.

This site uses the following concepts & technologies:

  • Jamstack
  • HUGO
  • Markdown
  • Bulma
  • GIT

The previous version was built with the .NET based Umbraco content management system using server based rendering (using ASP.NET and C# ), CSS Bootstrap based templates and an MSSQL database for the actual content storage. A fine working concept but in essence total overkill for the kind of site we are running. Furthermore each page request requires server based rendering involving interactions with templates, code and the DB. In order to have that running ‘smoothly’ there was a lot of caching on IIS. Which worked fine until that server got reset. So this whole setup requires a heavy website hosting platform and lots of complicated development steps and fine tuning.

Luckily the internet web technologies keep evolving and there is a new kid on the block.

Jamstack on the other hand is none of the above and uses a final, static defined version of all the pages of a website to serve a super fast website. This does not mean however that the actual content management is ‘static’ or implies fidling around in a huge nightmare of static HTML files. On the contrary. We use HUGO (written in GO ) to generate the whole website in milliseconds whenever a change occurs in the underlying GIT repository.

The actual content is managed via simple markdown files - these can be edited via a plain text editor or with an head-less content management system front-end like, Netlify CMS or others ( see for an overview at the Jamstack site ).

For styling we use Bulma as a super light CSS Flex based framework in our HUGO templates.

This all results is a superlean website that uses the latest standards to deliver a superfast site.

Lighthouse Analysis
Lighthouse Analysis

Static HTML files is how it all started on the internet and how my first website ever was defined … and now we are back.

I am glad I made the switch and learned a ton of new stuff about nowadays new web technologies while doing so … what more can one expect ?