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Custom build SAP B2B web application which provides order entry based on personal product catalogs. Includes shopping basket, order simulation & creation, backorder listings, etc.

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  • Customer specific product Catalogs with different views, browsing per categories
  • Extended search
  • Shopping Basket
  • Quick order entry
  • Real-time order simulation (including customer discounts, etc )
  • Real-time order creation
  • Email confirmation(s) & follow up
  • Backorder listings + download to PDF


The customer is a wholesaler in the games business which provides a B2B web application for its customers to order products and follow up their back orders.

The application was built in 2003 and it still being used nowadays.

Customer employees can log on to the secured B2B application with a user-id and password.

The application will automatically load the customers personalized product catalogs and display the newly expected products.

Different 'product catalog' views are available and products can be 'browsed' by categories. Several 'quick' searches and an extended search are available to facilitate product finding.

A detailed product view allows to display all details regarding the product and to view screen samples. A stock availability indicator is shown as well (updated every hour) and customers can launch a real-time stock.

Order entry can be done via a special 'order entry' product view which facilitates easy entry with automatic cursor positioning and support for keyboard keys or from within the product detail view.  A ‘quick order’ entry screen is available as well.

Ordered items are stored in a shopping basket which saves the entered items automatically so an order can be made over several sessions (or even by multiple employees).

An order simulation can be done for the items in the shopping basket.  The simulation will display the exact cost price of each product with detailed information about possible discounts.

The simulated order can be turned into a ‘real order’ by simply continuing.  The order is immediately created in SAP and order information is shown on the follow up screen.  An email confirmation is send as well.

The customer can also display his outstanding back orders and download the list as a PDF document.

The application can be customized by the customer allowing him to select the product categories he is interested in, the number of lines of catalogs, etc.

A SAP transaction allows the management of the B2B application and provides links to manage all kind of master data (like product categories, etc.), maintain B2B users, look at logs, etc.


Used Technologies

  • Custom built SAP ITS service
  • Front-end HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • SAP Internet Transaction Server
  • SAP Web Dispatcher


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