New web site 'Art of Sedas'

I am glad to annouce the release of a new web site for my personal artistic journey - ‘The Art of Sedas’.

Art of Sedas Portfolio View
Art of Sedas Portfolio View

After a decade of ‘faithfull’ service, the ‘old’ ‘HTML only’ site had become completely ‘outdated’ - both in terms of ‘design’ as in underlying ‘technology’.

Furthermore it required quite some efforts to add new ‘content’ and to ‘maintain’ any existing one.

Therefore it was time to replace the old site with a content managed driven site using the great CMS system ‘Umbraco’.

Umbraco is not only a great ‘CMS’ system for ‘developers’ but it also contains a great community which deliver outstanding ‘packages’ that contain ‘functionality out of the box’. One such great package is the ‘Umazel Starter Kit’ by ‘DotSee’ which provides a great ‘starting place’ to set up a web site like this one.

The new web site can be seen at ‘’.

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